Silver Rupee of Maratha Confederacy

05 Jun 2018  Tue

Depicted here is the beautiful silver Rupee issued in the period of Maratha Confederacy. This is one of the rarest varieties of Maratha coin minted at Alibag. The obverse and reverse both sides of a coin depicts the legend ‘Shri’.

The Shri rupee of Alibag circulated in the territory of the Angrey family, on the Konkan coast south of Mumbai. The coin is referred to in the Bombay Gazette as the 'Janjira-Colaba' or 'New Alibag' Rupee.

The person responsible for its issue was Vinayak Parshuram Biwalkar, the Chief Officer (Diwan or Karbhari) of the Angreys, who introduced it in around 1829. It was not at all popular, because of its lower silver contents and ceased to be circulated within a decade. In 1844, the Angrey Estates lapsed to the British when permission to succession by adoption was denied.

This silver Rupee was listed at an estimated price of 5,00,000 to 7,00,000 at Classical Numismatic Gallery.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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