First Postage Stamps of the Austrian Empire

02 Jun 2018  Sat

The first postage stamps of the Austrian Empire appeared in 1850. These definitive postage stamps were a series of imperforate typographed stamps.

The issues served in whole the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The stamps of the first issue were in circulation from June 1, 1850. Stamps feature the Austrian Imperial Coat of Arms. They are inscribed "KKPOST / STEMPEL", which is the abbreviated form of "Kaiserlich Konigliches Handels-Ministerium POST STEMPEL", meaning "Imperial and Royal Ministry of Commerce Postage Stamp".

The five major-type definitive Austrian Empire stamps shown above were issued between 1850 and 1854. Printed on Handmade Paper, they came in 5 different Denominations and colours.
1 K- Yellow, Orange, Brownish Orange
2 K- Black, Gray Black, Silver Gray
3 K- Red, Carmine, Rose, Vermilion
6 K- Brown, Black Brown, Rust Brown
9 K- Blue

Further, in 1854 the handmade paper was replaced by Machine Made paper as it had an even texture and a smooth appearance.

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