Copper Adhio of Kutch

02 Jun 2018  Sat

Kutch is a district situated in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is surrounded by Gulf of Kutch in South and the Arabian Sea in the west. The rulers of Kutch were Jadeja Rajputs who had come from Tatta in Sind; they conquered Kutch during the 15th Century.

In the year 1617 CE, when Akbar conquered Gujarat sultanate, the Kutch ruler Rao Bharmal I visited Jahangir and had to maintain a good relation with Mughal Empire which had made Independent throughout the Mughal Period.

This copper Adhio was issued by Rao Sri Vijayrajaji in the name of Geoge VI in the year 1943 CE. The obverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Maharao Shri Vijayarajji Sawai Bahadur Adhio in Devanagari, VS date, Value, Crescent flanked by Trident and Katar’. The reverse of the coin is inscribed as ‘George VI Qaiser-e-Hind Zarb Bhuj in Persian legend and Date 1943’

Image Courtesy: Oswal Auction

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