Gold coin of Tripura

26 May 2018  Sat

The Princely State of Tripura was called Hill Tippera, it is claimed to be one of the oldest kingdoms of ancient India. Its royal line is ruled by the Kings of Manikya dynasty. It was even an independent administrative unit under British Raj but this independent was subjective to the paramount power of the kings.

This gold mohur of Tripura was minted on the order of King Vira Chandra Manikya, citing Queen Manamohini. This gold coin belongs to the milled coinage, the obverse of this coin depicts the coat of arms of Tripura with date above in Tripushaka TE 1279 within the ornamented circular border. The reverse of this coin depicts legend in five lines which read “Radha Krishna Pade/ Sri Sri Yuta Vira Chandra/ Manikya Deva Varmma/ Sri Srimati Manomohini/ Maha Devi within beaded border.

King Vira Chandra Manikya is called the architect of modern Agartala, he ruled from 1868 to 1896. He started urbanization, Municipality and schools in Tripura state.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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