Let’s remember the Majrooh Sultanpuri

24 May 2018  Thu

India has been a fortune to be the birthplace of some of the legendary Urdu poet. One of them is the late Majrooh Sultanpuri. The versatile lyricist-poet breathed his last on 24th May 2000.

A hugely respected figure among writers, Majrooh wrote some of the most iconic songs for Hindi cinema that is still considered evergreen.

Majrooh was born as Asrar-ul-Hasan Khan in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He received his early education from Madrasa, from which he obtained a certificate of Alim. Later on, he joined Lucknow’s Takmeel-ut-Tib college of Unani medicine.

He was a struggling Hakim when he happened to recite one of his Gazal at Mushaira in Sultanpur. The ghazal was a hit with the audience and Majrooh decided to drop his fledgeling medical practice and began writing poetry seriously. His best known poetic verse of Urdu Poetry is:

Mai akela hi chala the jaanib-e-Manzil magar
Log saath aate gae aur karvaa banta gaya..

He was a recipient of the prestigious Dadasheb Phalke Award for lifetime achievement in 1993. In 2013 India post issued 500 Paisa (5 Rupee) postage stamp to commemorate Majrooh Sultanpuri who gave us some of the best melodies, chirpy songs and romantic numbers of Hindi Cinema.

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