Mobile App that Helps Users Identify Security Features on Banknotes

23 May 2018  Wed

A new mobile app named G+D Currency App has been launched by Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology GmbH of Munich which helps users to identify the difference between original and fake notes. According to the company, people should always have complete knowledge about the security features of a currency.

The interactive interface of the application allows users to see security features. It also replicates tactile features like intaglio printing. Users will also be able to notice the colour-shifting inks, watermarks and see-through windows simply by tilting the phone.

The company has provided its services to The Central Bank of Swaziland through the Lilangeni App which can be downloaded for free at App Store or Google Play.

Image courtesy: Giesecke+Devrient Currency Technology GmbH

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