The First Woman to Appear on Japanese Stamps

22 May 2018  Tue

The first woman to appear on the stamps of Japan was Empress Dzingu or Jingo. Empress jingo is considered to be the 15th Japnese Imperial Ruler and is the most favourite Empress of the Empire.

Empress consort Jing? ruled beginning in the year 201. Served as Regent from the time of her husband's death in 201 until her son Emperor Ojin acceded to the throne. Evenhough she was not technically a ruler, according to the traditional order of succession, Jing? was considered to be the 15th Japanese imperial ruler.

Jing?'s name before her accession to the throne is said to have been Okinagatarashi-hime. She is regarded by historians as a "legendary" figure because there is insufficient material available for further verification and study.

Japan’s favourite Ruler was featured on the legal tenders of Japan. A 10 Yen stamp was issued in the early years of 20th Century which features a portrait of the empress. Since no actual images of this legendary figure are known to exist, the representation of Jing? which was artistically contrived by Edoardo Chiossone.

Interestingly, when the consular post of Japan began to work in some cities of China in 1900; same stamps were used in China. The overprints of the word "China" were printed with Japanese hieroglyphs.

Such stamps (purple on granite paper with “China” overprint) are really rare and a philatelic beauty.

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