Horse on ancient coins

19 May 2018  Sat

Horses are one of the most fascinating creatures. It doesn’t matter you know or you don’t know how to ride them but you can spent your entire life studying them and will have plenty of time to explore this magnificent creature. Before the invention of engines and machine horse used to rule, they were used as the fastest means of transport. They use to play an important role in warfare and even in agriculture. The entire economy use to depend on them as in the same way we are on oil today.

Horse is loved for its strength, intelligence, speed, loyalty, and beauty. In the ancient age, king use to perform ‘Ashvamedha yagna’ to prove his imperial sovereignty.

This copper Karshanapana which was issued during the Post-Mauryan period weighs around 10.6g. On the obverse coin depicts the image of ‘Horse facing left’. The reverse of the coin depicts the image of ‘Elephant facing right’.

In Indian numismatics one will find plenty of coin series with horse or elephant. If we observe in detail the current coins of India, you find the lion capital engraved on it, where you will notice a one prancing horse.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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