Coinage of Hindu Shahi

08 May 2018  Tue

The Hindu Shahi Dynasty ruled over the Kabul and Gandhara from the decline of the Kushan Empire during the 3rd to the 9th Century. This Kingdom is also known as Kabul dynasty when they ruled over the Kabul. Later on, when they moved to the Hund, they were called as Hindu Shahi Dynasty. They were divided into two eras Buddhist-Shahi and Hindu-Shahi in 870 AD. The term Hindu Shahi was the royal title of this dynasty.

The Hindu Shahi issued coins both in silver and copper. The silver coins issued by them bore the figure of seated bull on the obverse with the Devanagari legend, and the reverse side of the coin has the image of the mounted warrior. The most interesting thing is that we find inscriptions on the coins but only of the military commanders and chief commanders (Spalapati Deva, Samanta Deva, Vakka Deva and Mahttha Deva).

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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