What is Notaphily?

08 May 2018  Tue

Hobbies help to gain knowledge. We may be acquainted with a lot of hobbies. But did you know that there are people who collect ‘paper money’?

Collecting banknotes have been a hobby probably since the inception of paper money. It is called as Notaphily. Notaphily, the art and science of collecting and studying paper money, comes from ‘nota’ a Latin word meaning paper money and ‘phily’ a Greek word meaning love. So Notaphily means love for paper money.

In this sense aren’t we all a “notaphilist”? We all just love money! But here the vision of love is different.

It’s in the sense of a “hobby”. A hobby means spending time with self. There are various ways with which a person can enjoy his own company by engaging in various hobbies like sports, music, dance, any form of art, and Banknotes! Notaphily is such a hobby that will give you knowledge of numerous countries and their currencies.

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