Beautiful yet Dangerous Mythical Creature Siren on Coin

02 May 2018  Wed

A special five-coin series has been launched by Pobjoy Mint celebrating mythical creatures. The first coin in the series is dedicated to The Sirens which look like beautiful mermaids but are equally destructive. As per the legends, they lured sailors with their melodious voices and music to kill them. Ships crashed on the rocks near the Sirens’ island due to their actions. Ancient Myths taught the values of love and courage. They also warn us about the dangerous implications of jealousy, greed, and treachery.

The high relief £4 coins are struck with hand-applied Antique Finish for the British Indian Ocean Territory. A Siren is shown on the reverse playing her harp while rocks, skulls of sailors, and shipwreck debris are shown in the background. Another ship is also seen which is attracted to her wonderful tunes.

Hydra, Minotaur, Centaur, and Medusa are going to be featured on the other coins of the series. The 62.21 grams .999 fine silver coin has a mintage limit of 650 pieces and can be purchased for $169 each. They come in a custom-made acrylic box with a certificate of authenticity.

Image courtesy: Pobjoy Mint

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