Saint Tukaram on coin

27 Apr 2018  Fri

Sant Tukaram was the great poet of the Bhakti Movement that started in the 17th Century. He is possibly one of the poets whose importance and popularity has not diminished through centuries. Tukaram is best known for his Abhangas (devotional poetry) and community-oriented worship with spiritual songs known as kirtans. His poetry was devoted to Vitthala or Vithoba, an avatar of Hindu god Vishnu.

Saint Tukaram is one of the great poets of the Marathi language. Tukaram accepted his disciples and devotees without discriminating gender. He did not believe in the caste system. He awakened the self-esteem of common people. He had also shown people the path to attain spiritual knowledge even by carrying of worldly duties. His poems are filled with knowledge and wisdom about life and living.

This 2 Rupee coin which was issued by Indian Government in the year 2002 depicts Saint Tukaram. The obverse of the coin depicts the image of Saint Tukaram with the legend ‘Sant Tukaram Bhakti Bhratrutva Jagruti’ in Devnagari and ‘Saint Tukaram’ written in roman around with the year 2002 written below. The Diamond mintmark denotes that the coin is minted in Mumbai with the Year of Issue 2002. The reverse side of the coin depicts the image of ‘National Emblem’ with ‘Satyameva Jayate’ written below in ‘Devnagari’ with ‘Rupaye Bharat’ written on the left side in Devnagari and ‘Indian Rupee’ written in roman on the right side with the value of the coin is written below. Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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