Highlights from the C. R. Chambliss Currency Collection

26 Apr 2018  Thu

The C. R. Chambliss Collection is going to be offered by Heritage Auctions at the Central States Signature Auction that began yesterday and will continue until 1st May. This particular collection would be offered at 7:30 PM CT on 27th April.

Born in Boston in 1941, Carlson R. Chambliss has achieved a lot of success in the fields of academia, numismatics, and astronomy. He has taught at important universities and has also got several esteemed awards. He also loved researching about paper money and has published several numismatic books.

This amazing collection consists of large-size United States Notes, Silver Certificates, Treasury Notes of 1890, and Gold Certificates, Demand Notes etc. Many are plate notes in the illustrations for his books. Many were showcased as educational exhibits for International Paper Money Show in Memphis.

Chambliss also liked collecting National Bank Notes, Small-Size Notes, Fractional Currency, and Military Payment Certificates. He recently started collecting and researching about world paper money as well. Most of the proceeds from the auction would be donated to Kutztown University.

Some of the highlights include a $50 Legal Tender issued in 1862, graded PCGS Very Fine 30, a $50 Legal Tender issued in 1869, graded PMG Very Fine 30, a $50 Legal Tender issued in 1878, graded PMG Very Fine 30, this one is a Friedberg number which is offered for the second time in 11 years, a $100 Legal Tender issued in 1863, graded PMG Choice Very Fine 35 Net featuring the famous Spread Eagle design. Several other interesting notes are a part of this amazing collection.

Image Courtesy: Heritage Auctions

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