Silver 2 Annas of Radhanpur Princely State

20 Apr 2018  Fri

Radhanpur is a Princely State of British India under the Palanpur Agency of the Bombay Presidency. It was established in 1693 by the founder of Babi dynasty, Khan Jahan. Radhanpur came under British rule in 1813 AD.

This silver 2 Annas of Zorawar Khan was issued in the name of Queen Victoria. The obverse flan of this coin depicted the title and name of the King with Hijri date and value of the coin in Persian ‘Nawab Zorawar Khan Bahadur 1288 AH’. The reverse flan of this coin depicts a Persian legend with Queen Victoria’s name, mint name and date ‘Mallika Muazzima Queen Victoria Zarb Radhanpur 1871 AD’.

Image Source: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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