World Heritage Day

18 Apr 2018  Wed

World Heritage Day is observed every year on 18 April. It is celebrated to raise the awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage, monuments, sites, the efforts required to protect and conserve it and to draw attention towards its vulnerability.

World Heritage Day was created in 1982 by ICOMOS and was later approved at the UNESCO General Conference in 1983.

We all know that Ancient building and monuments is an asset for us and for the world. Therefore, Heritage Day is a collective effort of the communities in the world to do the needful. This day maintain the cultural legacy and make people think about its susceptibility.

In 2017 on the occasion of World Heritage Day India post released 3 Special covers. One of them depicted Chennakeshava Temple, Belur which was built by Vishnuvardhana in commemoration of his victory over the Cholas at Talakad in 1117 AD.

Image Source: Google Images

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