Afghanistan's Hidden Error Stamp

17 Apr 2018  Tue

In the world of Philately, errors are a cause of celebrations. Probably, because of their scanty availability and unique feature, error stamps have a great demand among the collectors.

Here, a very different kind of Error Stamp is mentioned. The stamp was printed with a serious error which was, later on, blocked and the stamp was put in the circulation.

In 1964, Afghanistan celebrated the 46th Anniversary of the Independence. On this occasion, a special stamp was issued. The stamp depicts the national flag of Afghanistan on a sky-blue background in the centre with “Fete De l’independance” inscribed below it.

This 25 pouls stamp shows “Postes Afghanes” in French and “The Afghan Pust” in Arabin inscribed above and below the stamp. Years “1919 and 1964” are inscribed in both Roman and Arabic Script.

A very peculiar feature of the stamp is that the engraving in the left-hand corner of the flag has been overmarked with a golden strip. This golden strip hides the serious mistake made during the printing of the stamp. While printing, instead of 46th year of independence the stamp got printed with "33rd year of independence".

To hide this error, that whole section is blocked out by a gold bar to hide the error.

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