The Power puff Queen: Nefertiti

14 Apr 2018  Sat

The ancient civilization of Egypt has always been a matter of curiosity, due to its marvellous history. Its Egypt’s history would be incomplete without mentioning the ‘Nefertiti’.

The name Nefertiti signifies ‘the beautiful one has arrived’. She was the wife of the King Akhenaten and reigned around 1370 BC. The beauty of Nefertiti was so mesmerizing that only her bust captivated the public with her dazzling beauty for about 100 years. One of the German Archaeologist who revealed the bust wrote in his diary: “It is one of an alive Egyptian artwork. It cannot be portrayed in words. You must see it”.

She with her husband is known to make many reforms, the period is known as the glorious period of Ancient Egypt. Nefertiti’s death is still shrouded in lots of mystery.

Do you want to see how Nefertiti looked like?

Refer the given Egypt 5 Piastres note; the most popular discovery of the ‘Nefertiti’s bust’, opened the way to how she looked like!

Picture Courtesy: Wiki Commons.

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