What is Mintage World All About

11 Apr 2018  Wed

For long we are getting queries as to what Mintage World is? What do we do? Well, let’s get to know us. Shall we?

Mintage World is the world’s first online museum of stamps, coins and currency notes!

This Collectorspedia of coins, notes and stamps has everything that you could wish for and much more. A brainchild of our CMD Mr Sushil Kumar Agarwal, with the backing of a strong research team and the use of latest technological advancements, this site has developed in a one-of-a-kind portal.

The site was inaugurated at the hands of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis in 25th Shukla Day in Mumbai on April 23rd, 2016. Giving his best wishes to Mintage World and its future, CM underlined the importance of preserving our heritage and history through coin, notes, and stamps!

Surely, much is to be gained and learned from the pages of our country’s history and where’s the best place to start than to look into the numismatic evidence!

Register on our site and get access to the exciting features of our site!

• Detailed catalogues of coins, stamps and banknotes
• Up to date News section and Event calendar
• Interesting and knowledgeable Blogs
• Exciting Shopping portal
• Insightful Docudramas in Rusted Post Box series

Mintage World is truly a revolution to revive the history of our glorious nation! Be a Part of It!

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