Decorated Eggs on Easter Stamps

10 Apr 2018  Tue

Poland’s Easter stamps have depicted a single decorated egg since 2014. This year’s Easter stamp was released on 6th March. The nondenominated stamp features the letter “B” instead of the value. A red coloured egg with outlines of flowers in yellow and white is shown on the stamp. Golden flowers and a small golden goose are also featured as separate elements.

Easter Eggs denote life and rebirth. Poland has always maintained its centuries-old tradition of decorating eggs. The methods of colouring and decorating might have changed over the years, but the tradition is still deeply rooted in their culture.

Hot wax is applied to the shell after which the Eggs are painted. The wax is removed at the end to create beautiful patterns. Lambs, crosses, flowers and other spring motifs are generally included in these designs.

Slovenia also released a nondenominated Easter stamp depicting a red egg.

Image Courtesy: Slovenia Post

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