Silver Tanka of Kachar

02 Apr 2018  Mon

Originally the first inhabitants of the Assam Valley, these Kacharis ruled the south bank of the Brahmaputra River for most of the 13th century from their capital Dimapur. The information available on Kachar state is very little, the coin struck in this state is from the late 16th to 17th centuries. The coins issued in between 18th to 19th centuries were more of a shown of its independent rule. This silver Tanka was minted during the reign of King Mega Narayana in Saka 1488.

The obverse of this ornamented coin depicts legend in four lines within the double square, it reads ‘Hara Gauri/ Charana Para/yana Hacheng/sa Vamsaja’ within the dotted-line border. The reverse of this coin depicts legend in four lines with the double square, it reads ‘Sri Sri Me/gah Narayana/ Bhupalasya/ ‘and date in the Sake Era within the dotted and lined border.

The coinage of this independent kingdom is similar to the coinage of Cooch Behar along with its weight standards. However, its flan is broader than Cooch Behar coins. This dissimilarity or difference made this coinage quite distinctive.

The coins of these Kachari kings have many varieties, this particular coin has the epithet ‘Hachengsa Vamsaja’ on the obverse flan its meaning or it means ‘belonging to the Ha Tsung Tsa clan’.

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Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auctions

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