History on banknotes: Polish King Boleslaw I

02 Apr 2018  Mon

Isn’t it great to get to know about great kings of the past through modern currencies? Every hobby has its perks! Today let’s see a Polish 20 Zlotych banknote which portrays King Boleslaw I Chrobry on it.

The purple and deep blue on multicolour underprint note issued in 1994 has King Boleslaw I Chrobry at centre right with a coat of arms at upper left centre on its obverse. The reverse features the medieval dinar of Boleslaw II at left centre.

Boleslaw I the Brave or Boleslaw I the Great was the Duke of Poland from 992 CE to 1025 CE. He was the first King of Poland in 1025. As a remarkable politician, strategist, and statesman, he not only turned Poland into a country comparable to older western monarchies but also raised it to one of the highest ranking of the European states.

Boleslaw conducted successful military campaigns in the west, south and east. He consolidated Polish lands and conquered territories outside the borders of modern-day Poland, including Slovakia, Moravia, Red Ruthenia, Meissen, Lusatia, and Bohemia. He was a powerful mediator in Central European affairs.

He had himself crowned as the King of Poland. In one of his expeditions, Boleslaw I captured Kiev and installed his son-in-law Sviatopolk I as ruler. According to legend, Boleslaw chipped his sword when striking Kiev's Golden Gate. In honour of this legendary Polish ruler, a sword called Szczerbiec ("Chipped Sword") became the coronation sword of future Polish kings.

This is definitely a very beautiful note to possess.

Image courtesy: Ebay.com

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