Demerary and Essequebo Notes Included in The Banknote Book

30 Mar 2018  Fri

Demerary and Essequebo is a new 4-page catalogue/chapter of The Banknote Book which can be now purchased for US$0.99. Subscribers also have the option to download the same for free. The catalogue covers banknotes that were issued by the Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo from 1809 to 1830.

Detailed descriptions and background information, full-colour images, and accurate market value are included in every chapter of the book. The coloured images of the obverse and reverse sides are very clear and do not overlap. The book also shares vital information like the face value or date of demonetization. Vignette elements and security features are also described in detail. Background information including historical and cultural significance is mentioned. A different letter is assigned to every date/signature variety. Introduction and replacement dates are listed. Differences between note varieties are highlighted. Bibliographic references are also included for research purposes.

Image Courtesy: The Banknote Book

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