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The Ghost ship Marie Celeste

24 Mar 2018  Sat

On 4th December 1872, a lone ship was adrift in the Atlantic ocean with it whole cargo intact, it was discovered by Captain Morehouse of the ‘Dei Gratia’. This unmanned ship was none other than the famous Ghost ship called Mary Celeste also referred as Marie Celeste.

This ship commenced its sail at the beginning of September in 1871. The ship was loaded with 1701 barrels of pure alcohol. The destination of this ship was Genova, it sailed under the authority of Captain Briggs. The family of the captain and seven additional sailors were aboard the ship.

Captain Morehouse located this drifting ghost ship with the outer jib and a hosting fore-topsail with no crew people present on board. The lifeboats were missing and all the cargo and personal belonging of the crew members was intact. The investigation by Captain Morehouse proved that the ship was in good condition, the people on board left in a hurry. The log book on aboard showed the last entry dated 24th November, ten days before the ship discovered by the Dei Gratia.

Many rumours and stories have come up with different possibilities, but nothing can be proved. The crew members of this doomed ship were never found, their fate is a mystery to the world for centuries.

In 1992, Maldives issued a souvenir sheet to recognize the great mystery of the Marie Celeste ship. This sheet is a part of the sixteen stamp series called ‘Mysteries of Universe’.

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