World Forest Day

21 Mar 2018  Wed

World Forestry Day is celebrated on 21st of March to increase the public awareness about the values, significance, and contributions of the forests to balance the life cycle on the earth.

Forests are an essential part of the life on Earth. They always fulfil the demands of the human beings by providing shadow, shelter, refreshment including clean air and water. In the modern world of growing global population increases the demands of forest products so the forests are at big risks of deforestation and degradation.

World Forestry Day celebration provides a big opportunity to all the people to learn more about the importance and contribution of the forests in maintaining the well-being of people. During this event celebration, people share their views and ideas by working together to incorporate the forests into future climate change strategies.

According to the resources it has been noted that there is an annual loss of around 13 million hectares or 32 million acres of the forests. Loss of the forests enhances the loss of inhabitant animal species to the forest. Deforestation imbalances the balance of natural climate which in turn leads to the global warming by increasing the CO2 (carbon dioxide) and decreasing the O2 (oxygen) percentage all across the world.

Almost 30% of the total land worldwide is occupied by the forests containing over 60,000 tree species which are ultimately the great resources of the food, fuel, fodder, essential oils, resins, latex, gums, medicines, fiber, water, woods for the population of around 1.6 billion poorest people of the world.

Let us preserve and conserve our planet by growing more trees. The featured Indian stamp was issued in 1961 having the face value of 15 Naya Paisa depicts a beautiful forest in the mountains.

Picture Courtesy: Mintage World.

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