Liberia issued a new banknote

17 Mar 2018  Sat

The Central bank of Liberia has announced to introduce a new series of banknotes in Liberian economy, a new bill in the L$500 denomination.

This newly printed currency features three levels of security to guard against counterfeiting. The level one feature can be easily recognised by the public. The other two levels are meant for commercial banks, professionals, Banknote processor machine and the central bank. The above-shown image is a specimen note for the proposed design of this banknote. .

This note was introduced in Jan 2017 by the Central bank of Liberia. This note is printed in the combination of Purple, blue and yellow colour. The obverse of this note depicts a woman, an elderly man and young men in the centre all wearing the traditional attire with a pointed star as registration device. On the left, rapid windowed security threads with e-metalized stars are shown. .

The reverse of this note depicts a portrait of Hippopotamus and his calf and bank seal with the diagonal crosses within it front and back of 50 cent coin of 1969 is depicted. Watermark consists of Coats of arms with electrotype CBL.

Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons

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