Highlights at Bank Negara Auction

14 Mar 2018  Wed

The seventh Malaysian Banknotes with Special Serial Numbers Auction was organised by Bank Negara’s appointed auctioneer recently at the central bank’s Sasana Kijang complex in Kuala Lumpur. Several rare, large-sized RM600 commemorative banknotes measuring 370mm x 220mm were offered at the event, one of which sold for RM78,000.

The offered banknotes and gold coins were issued by Bank Negara to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Federation of Malaya Independence Agreement and the installation of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V, respectively. Each RM60 banknote was offered for RM120 while the uncut three RM60 banknotes had a value of RM500.

7.96g 999.9 gold Proof coins with a face value of RM300 were auctioned for an indicative price of RM4,000. The auction was very successful and made record-breaking business.

RM600 and RM60 commemorative banknotes fared very well at the auctions. The most expensive bids were a RM600 commemorative banknote with serial number MRR0000088 that was sold for RM78,000 and a RM100 denomination banknote with serial number BB8888888 that was sold for RM76,000. A single RM60 banknote with the serial number MRR0060000 was auctioned for RM50,000. All in all, RM2,398,488 was earned through the auction.

Image Courtesy: Bank Negara

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