Swastika on Akbar’s Coin

13 Mar 2018  Tue

The swastika is an ancient religious icon which is used in the Indian subcontinent, East Asia and Southeast Asia. Swastik can be described as two lines intersecting each other with bends on four sides. The swastika is one of the important symbols in the Indian History. It is also known by different names in different countries like ‘Wan’ in China, ‘Manji’ in Japan, ‘Fylfot’ in England, ‘Hakenkreuz’ in Germany and ‘Tetraskelion’ or ‘Tetragammadion’ in Greece.

In India, Swastika word comes from the Sanskrit language, the word Swastika represents good fortune, prosperity and abundance.

Mughal Emperor Akbar had issued coins with a swastika depicted on it. The above-mentioned mintless-copper 1/8 dam has a swastika on its obverse side, which has been struck in the style of Mangarh mint.

This rare coin was sold for INR 9,000 by Todywalla Auction held in Ahmedabad on 9th February 2018.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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