Moai- The living faces on coins

07 Mar 2018  Wed

Easter Island is famous for the Maoi statues built across its island around 1200-1400 CE. There are around 1000 statues, up to 86 tons in weight and 10 m in height carved from the volcano Rano Raraku.

It is believed that the Moai statues were built to honour the chieftain or other important people. They were placed on rectangular stone platforms called ahu, which represents the tomb of the people. The Moais were intentionally made with different characteristics since they were intended to keep the appearance of the person it represented.

These mysterious stone heads are known throughout the world. The ‘Moai’, a story of living faces are also now issued on the coins. The Cook Island issued a proof coin in 2014 which has a beautiful Easter Island ‘Moai’.

Picture Courtesy: Agau News

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