New R500 Mandela Coin

06 Mar 2018  Tue

3 new special edition coins celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 100th birth anniversary were issued by South Africa. His centenary would be observed on 18th July 2018.

The R50 coin made of base metal alloy features a young Nelson Mandela. The R50 coin made of sterling-silver features Mandela in his presidential years. The R500 coin made of 24-carat gold shows Mandela in his later years.

South Africa’s coat of arms is depicted on the obverse of all three coins. The Black Wildebeest appeared on the obverse of coins belonging to the earlier version. Pricing or release dates are not yet out. However, the coins are legal tender already.

A new R5 circulating coin featuring the great visionary will also be released. The obverse again features South Africa’s coat of arms on the obverse instead of the Black Wildebeest. Mandela’s portrait along with the years 1918 and 2018 would be featured on the reverse. The coin has been declared as legal tender from 1st January 2018. Its value would be similar to the other R5 coins in circulation.

Image Courtesy South African Mint

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