Latest Coin from the Bible Coin Series

28 Feb 2018  Wed

APMEX, Inc. introduced the first coin of the year by Scottsdale Mint that belongs to the Bible Coin Series. Stories from the Bible like the last supper, Adam and Eve, the nativity scene and more are portrayed on coins from this series. The latest 2 oz .999 fine Silver coin represents Noah’s Dove, with the ark floating above floodwaters. It is the 19th release of the Biblical Series.

Like all other coins from the series, this one too features an antique finishing and a high relief with a rimless design. The obverse features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Other inscriptions mention weight, face value, and purity. A unique serial number from 1 to 1499 is engraved on the edge.

Every coin comes with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate mentions the coin’s specifications, its unique serial number and the story of the ark. These coins are issued as legal tender for the island of Niue.

Image courtesy APMEX.

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