A Rare Survivor of 1935 fire: Series 1900 $10,000 Gold Certificate

27 Feb 2018  Tue

A Friedberg 1225h Series 1900 $10,000 gold certificate, graded Fine 12 by PCGS Currency will be sold by Alex Cooper Auctions of Baltimore on 1st March. All these certificates have been redeemed already and are no more used as legal tender. They were stored at Old Post Office in Washington, D.C., on 13th December 1935. The building had caught fire and these notes were thrown from windows. Those who picked up these notes got to know that these certificates had no value but can be collected as a souvenir.

Out of the 357,000 certificates that were printed, only 500 exist today. Many of these notes feature signs of water or fire damage. However, the remaining portions of many of these notes are in good condition.

Other items auctioned at the event include silver and gold certificates, 13 national banknotes from Baltimore banks like the First Charter, Series 1875 $10 note (F-417) from the Second National Bank of Baltimore.

Image Courtesy Alex Cooper Auctions

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