The first beaded stamp

27 Feb 2018  Tue

In 2008, Singapore Post issued the first beaded stamp of the world in the shape of a handbag. This stamp depicts intricately pasted handmade design of deer by ‘caviar beads’. This skilful beadwork was inspired by a distinctive aspect of the Peranakan culture.

The Peranakan are the descendants of the Peranakan of China that immigrated to Indonesia and Malaya in the 15th to 16th century. They are reputed for their creativity in the brilliant and colourful minuscule glass beads to create intricate designs on slippers to tobacco pouches and now stamps!

This $5 stamp was issued to commemorate the opening of the Peranakan Museum and approximately 20,000 collector’s sheets were issued. This stamp was on the display at the Singapore Philatelic Museum as a part of “Seeing is Believing: Unusual Stamp’s exhibition”. In this exhibition around 300 unusual stamps are put on display, where some are beaded with gold, crystal and pearls, some made of foil and also scented stamp with coffee, chocolate and fruit aroma.

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