Coinage of Nusrat Shah

24 Feb 2018  Sat

Sultan Nasir-ud-din Nusrat Shah Tughluq was a ruler of the Tughlaq dynasty. He was the son of Fath Khan and during the reign of Mahmud II He was brought forward from Mewat to the royal palace at Firozabad and put forward as a claimant to the throne. Parts of the Doab, Panipat, Sonepat, Rohtak and Jhajjar were under the control of Nusrat Shah while Sultan Mahmud only controlled the two forts (Old Delhi and Siri).

During the time of Nusrat Shah (1395 AD) Tughlaq dynasty sunk to its bottom. The kingdom was disintegrated as many of the successors established their own rule over different regions of the kingdom. Coinage of Nusrat Shah mainly includes copper coins known as “falus” and few gold “tankas” and single silver “tanka”.

Above shown copper half Falus was minted in the reign of Nusrat Shah. The obverse has a Persian legend ‘Nusrat Shah’ with AH, while the reverse has an inscription ‘Hazrat Delhi’.

Image Courtesy: Wiki Commons

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