A wood stamp

23 Feb 2018  Fri

The wood stamps are a unique and fascinating concept. There are many examples when different countries have printed stamps on different material like the Khadi stamp of India. This wood stamp was issued by the Paraguay Post 4th June 1986.

This wooden stamp was an airmail souvenir of 25 Guaraní made from cedar wood issued to promote the cedar industry of the Republic of Paraguay. It depicts the portrait of Durer’s Virgin and child by Albrecht Durer. The original oil painting was made in 1498 and is known as Haller Madonna, it is now in the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC.

It’s not only Paraguay or India that chooses such unique material for these stamps, countries like Italy used Silk, the United States used polyester, Bhutan used plastic, etc. The country like Russia was left out of this, but they didn’t use different material they sprinkle clay particle on its stamp. Similarly, Austria meteorite stamp had real meteorite dust on it.

Image Courtesy: Philaquel Moi blogspot

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