Extremely Rare 1621 Polish Gold Ducat Makes Handsome Money

21 Feb 2018  Wed

A huge Polish gold 100-ducat coin, struck in 1621, graded CNG Extremely Fine, was sold for $2,160,000 at the CNG Triton XXI auction on 9th January in New York City. The coin was issued for Poland’s King Sigismund III Vasa by Jacob Jacobson van Emden. Poland had won the Battle of Chocim against the Turks and the coin was issued to commemorate this event.

Only six known examples exist, each of which was struck by the same dies engraved by Samuel Ammon. It was last sold on 14th January 2008 for $1,380,000. It was a record auction price for any Polish coin. The trophy coin has a diameter of almost 70 millimeters and it weighs around 350 grams. The designs look very attractive and the condition is excellent.

An 1844 8-escudo rare coin was sold for $456,000 by Stack’s Bowers Galleries at the NYINC sales. Even though fewer rare coins have been auctioned in 2016 and 2017, experts believe that this trend is not because rare world coins are not in demand. It is rather because very few collectors want to badly sell their trophy coins. Many other collectors fear that the coins would not reach the expected value at auctions. However, experts believe that the trend for rare world coins would look exciting in the coming years.

Images Courtesy Classical Numismatic Group Inc.

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