Good-looking Proof 1896 Coronet Quarter Eagle at Baltimore Auction

16 Feb 2018  Fri

The Alexander Collection of U.S. Coins was offered by Stack’s Bowers Galleries in November 2017 at Whitman Baltimore Expo auctions. The collector started his hobby in the 1920s and likes Proof gold coins, some of which have been a part of his collection since 50 years. The collection also includes 12 Proof Coronet $2.50 gold quarter eagles, most of which are in lower grades.

An 1896 Coronet gold $2.50 quarter eagle, in Proof condition with Uncirculated Details and a removed spot, was sold for $13,200 at the Baltimore Auctions.

They have deeply mirrored surfaces, with evidence of handling. It features a good contrast between the frosted devices and mirrored fields. There are indications of minor tooling because of a faint alloy spot in the right obverse field. It became a part of the Alexander Collection in 1948 at Frank Katen/Milford Coin & Stamp Co.’s American Numismatic Association convention auction in Boston.

Image courtesy of Stack’s Bowers Galleries.

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