British Virgin Islands Celebrate Wildlife on Coins

15 Feb 2018  Thu

Pobjoy Mint released special coins for the British Virgin Islands to celebrate the beautiful Wildlife from that country. The coin features a map of the islands along with special animals found there like iguana, flamingo, brown pelican and a few crustaceans.

Pobjoy Mint's exclusive portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is featured on the obverse. 2,000 Proof Sterling Silver versions and 10,000 Uncirculated Cupro Nickel versions were released.

Iguanas are commonly spotted soaking up some sun in the Islands. Pink flamingos are generally seen in the waters of Anegada. The brown pelican is known for its long two-plus meter wings.

Both the .925 Silver and CuNi versions weigh 28.28 grams. The Proof Sterling Silver coin coins in an acrylic capsule which is then put inside a red box along with a Certificate of Authenticity. Unc. Cupro Nickel Coins come in a Pobjoy Mint Pouch.

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