Old Coins and Artefacts Related to Sikh History Exhibited

12 Feb 2018  Mon

On 10th February, old and rare weapons, manuscripts and coins were exhibited by Narinderpal Singh at the art gallery of the North Zone Cultural Centre in conjunction with the World Punjabi Development Conference. Narinderpal has been collecting several old items from a long time.

The exhibition showcased copper and silver coins of Nabha, Kaithal, Patiala and Jind states. Other highlights included the coins that were issued by 12 Sikh misls, dedicated to Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh. Original weapons that were used during the Mughal-Sikh wars like swords, kartar and daggers were also on display.

Narinderpal is a mechanical engineer by profession and is the general secretary of the National Numismatic Society. He believes that the government must take consistent steps for preserving the rich heritage of Punjab so that future generations would be able to understand our traditions in a better way.

Apart from coins, Narinderpal also has a two-and-a-half rupee currency note of the Republic of Indonesia, a 25 rupee note released by Nepal Rashtra Bank and some notes issued Saddam Hussain. He also manages a museum named Akal Sahai Museum in Ludhiana.

From a simple hobby to a hardcore passion, Narinderpal has even sold his land to collect these amazing artifacts associated with Sikh History. He has also organised 196 exhibitions in different schools across Punjab.

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