£1 Gibraltar Neanderthal skull coin Sold for £5,000

07 Feb 2018  Wed

The reverse side of a Gibraltar £1 coin features the Queen and a skull. It is not a legal tender in the UK but is still spotted in circulation. One of the oldest Neanderthal skulls was discovered near the caves in the Rock of Gibraltar. This special coin was released to commemorate this discovery.

It is generally sold for £4 on online auction websites, but in a recent case, one of them was sold for £5,000. However, there is no assurance that the bidder has paid the amount.

On eBay, bidders enter a legally binding contract to purchase an item, but they cannot be forced to abide by this rule. If the payment is not made, eBay can either add a note about it or not allow that particular bidder to bid or buy again. Those who sign up to eBay do not submit valid bank or PayPal details before bidding. In such cases, sellers give “second chance offers” to other bidders or relist the item.

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