Gold Coin of Cooch Bihar

05 Feb 2018  Mon

This gold Nazarana mohur was issued in the reign of King Jitendra Narayana of Cooch Bihar. It is supposed to be a coronation issue, it was specially issued by the Maharaja of Cooch Bihar on the coronation ceremonies.

The circulation of the native silver half coinage was demonetized after 1866, due to the Imperial British rule that was proclaimed in India. This Gold Mohur depicts the Cooch Bihar coat of arms supported by a lion and elephant. The reverse of this coin depicts a legend in Bengali script ‘Sri Sri Jitendra Narayan Bhoop Rajashaka 404’. The Rajashaka Era 404 is equivalent to Gregorian 1914 AD.

This extremely fine and rare coin of Cooch Bihar was sold for INR 9,50,000 by Classical Numismatic Gallery. Same type of coin was sold by Classical Numismatic Auctions for INR 8, 50,000.

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