Spanish Stamps That Can Turn into Origami Birds!

05 Feb 2018  Mon

The Japanese art of folding squares of paper to make interesting representative objects is called Origami. Spain released a souvenir sheet on 17th July 2017 with one €4.25 stamp which can be folded to form an Origami bird! Instructions for folding and creating the origami bird are mentioned in Spanish on the selvage. They are also accompanied with visual indicators.

An image of the finished Origami bird is also featured on the stamp. The denomination is printed on its blue head while the texts “Correos” (Post) and “Espana” (Spain) are featured on the body. It is very exciting to see such creative and innovative releases in the world of Philately. You can not only use these stamps for mailing purposes but can also turn it into a beautiful piece of art!

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