The first electric train of India

03 Feb 2018  Sat

The lifeline of India’s interconnected transport, Indian railway make life bearable for major travellers across the country. The finest example of this excellent transport service can only be the locals of Mumbai. Connecting each station by this electric locomotive is a task to execute, yet a daily routine for passengers.

This splendid electric train first started today on 3rd February 1923. A service was inaugurated between Bombay VT and Kurla Harbour on 1500 Volt Dc electrification. This traction extended on the central railway on two different lines Igapuri and Pune. Further, a new line was connected to the suburbs of Mumbai from Colaba to Borivali. This all development took place before independence.

In the post Independence period, the major transformation was implemented on the electrification of Indian railway. The eastern railway track was established as part of five years plan and in 1957 25 Kv AC system of electrification was adopted.

Today the Indian railways have introduced the projects of Metro in the major cities and metropolitans. The monorails in Mumbai are diverting the loads from local transport. The face of Indian railway is changing for better. India Post has issued a miniature sheet of different means of Transport through ages and also issued commemorative stamps of electric locomotive.

Indian Post has also issued various commemorative stamps on different Railway transports of India.

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