Akbar’s Sitpur Half Rupee

03 Feb 2018  Sat

Mughal Emperor Akbar founded a new religion known as ‘Din-e-Ilahi’. This can be seen clearly from his coins. During the 29th year of his reign, the ‘Hijri era’ from his coin was changed to ‘ilahi Era’. This system of Era was continued until his death. Akbar issued different coins in gold, silver, and copper.

Akbar's coinage can be divided into two categories; ’Kalima’ and ‘Ilahi’ (Non-Kalima). The 'Kalima' coins, which he issued, have name and title of the king on the obverse and 'Kalima' on the reverse. The 'Ilahi' coins which he issued have 'ilahi' creed on the obverse, and mint name, ilahi date and ilahi month on the reverse.

This silver half rupee was issued by him in the month Mihir during the 49th year of his reign. The weight of this coin is around 5.6 g. The obverse of the coin is inscribed as ‘Allahu Akbar’ at the top, ‘Jale Jalaluhu’ at the bottom. The reverse of the coin inscribed with ilahi month ‘Mihir’ at the top, regnal year 49 and the mint name ‘Sitpur’ at the bottom.

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