53rd Edition of Coins of England and the UK

31 Jan 2018  Wed

The 53rd edition of Coins of England and the UK is a two-volume set for three consecutive years. Spink publishes this popular reference guide annually. One of the volumes discusses pre-decimal issues while the other talks about decimal coins. The book contains Colour illustrations and current market value.

All main coin type from Celtic to present, including Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Plantagenet, Lancastrian, House of York, Tudor and Stuart periods are listed. Modern milled coinage minted in 1561 and coins up to the present day are also included.

Chronological order is maintained. Segregation is made based on metals under each reign. Further classification is made by coinages, denominations, and varieties. Decimal issues under Queen Elizabeth II are separated from the pre-decimal coinages. All decimal coinage after 1968 is listed in a separate volume. Tips for beginners, numismatic key concepts, and each coin’s historical information is also presented.

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