Rare one-eighth Rupee of Akbar

31 Jan 2018  Wed

This rare 1/8 rupee issued by Mughal Emperor Akbar from the Berar mint during the Ilahi month Tir, is listed for INR 2,50,000 in the upcoming auction of the Todywalla Auction house which will be held in Ahmadabad on 9th February 2018.

The weight of this coin is around 1.3 g. The silver rupees issued by Akbar from the Berar are round in shape and are common. But, square coins of Akbar from the Berar mint are exceedingly rare.

The obverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Allahu Akbar’ at the top, ‘Jale Jalaluhu’ at bottom and reverse of the coin is inscribed as Ilahi month Tir, the mint name ‘Berar’ and a regnal year at the bottom, the regnal year is not clearly visible on the coin. If you are a Mughal coin lover, this silver piece should be definitely part of your collection!

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