Let’s dive into the world of coins and currencies!

31 Jan 2018  Wed

Numismatist Sanjay Joshi and Coin Researcher Pascal Roque Lopes are organizing an exhibition of Currency Notes and Coins. It will not only exhibit the coin and currency notes but it will also take you on the journey of ancient Vasai history, through these tiny metal pieces. The historical topics which will be highlighted in the events are:

First Punch Marked Coins of Indian Mauryan Age.
Sopara Buddhist Stupa Coin 78 AD.
Coins with images of various deities and dynasties.
Coins of Portuguese and Marathas.
It will also showcase the Currency note, coins, and stamps of 193 different countries. So let’s get free from a busy schedule and go for this event.

Stay tuned to our website to know more about events.

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