Alpine Flower on Swiss Coins

29 Jan 2018  Mon

The Federal Mint Swissmint released two commemorative coins on 25th January. One of them is the bimetallic Silver Thistle coin which is the last of a three-part series named “Flora Alpina”. The silver thistle is one of the most popular Alpine plants. The prickly plant is known for its shining silver wreath and bright flowers. It has a poisonous taproot which is used as a medicine for a long time. It is mainly used to decorate rock gardens.

These plants have a very small stalk. It can grow up to a maximum height of 40 cm. It is found a lot in Europe but is an endangered species in many countries. It is mostly found in sparse forests in altitudes from 800 – 2,600 m. Their flowers bloom from July to October. It is nailed to the outside of a door and used as a natural weather station. The flower would open if a high-pressure area was approaching, else it would close. Bernese graphic designer Jenny Leibundgut created the design. The outer ring is made of aluminum bronze while the core is made of copper-nickel.

The mintage limit of the 15 g coin is 29,000 pieces. 5,500 pieces of the Proof version would be available

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