Latest Release from the 100th Anniversary 2018 Intaglio Print Collection

27 Jan 2018  Sat

The BEP added a new note to the Intaglio Print Subscription Program, the World War I – 100th Anniversary 2018 Intaglio Print Collection.

Liberty Loans and Victory Bonds were produced by the BEP and issued by the Treasury Department to help raise funds for the Great War. The notes and bonds belonging to this collection feature allegorical and historical figures, engraved American iconography, and notes issued during the War.

The collection has three intaglio prints namely: Entry, Homefront, and Victory. The first card Entry was offered for sale on 23rd January 2018. The second card, Homefront will be released on 8th March 2018. And the third card, Victory will be released on 14th August 2018. On that day, BEP is also going to participate in the ANA’s World’s Fair of Money Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Subscriptions for the orders must be received by 8th February 2018. All the three cards can be bought for $51.00. Individual cards are priced at $20.00 if you buy them from BEP gift shops and $22.50 if you buy them via mail order/internet. Individual cards are priced at $17.00 when you buy 10 or more of them.

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