Coin Celebrates 70th Anniversary of Italian Constitution

25 Jan 2018  Thu

Italy released a new circulating commemorative ringed-bimetallic 8.5 grams €2 coin to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the country’s current constitution.

The obverse features an image that recreates the moment when the provisional head of state Enrico De Nicola signed the act of promulgation of the Constitution of the Italian Republic on 27th December 1947. Enrico is accompanied by the Head of Government Alcide De Gasperi and president of the Italian Constituent Assembly Umberto Terracini in the image. The constitution however, came into effect in 1948.

Other inscriptions on the obverse include COSTITUZIONE, the monogram of the Italian Republic, RI; CON SICURA COSCIENZA, the R Mint mark for the Mint of Rome, and the dates 1948, 2018.

4 million coins were struck with a copper-nickel core and copper-aluminum-nickel ring. The outer ring features 12 stars of the European flag. The reverse features a map of the European Union.

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