2018 Incuse RCM Maple Leaf Coin

20 Jan 2018  Sat

Dillon Gage Metals is going to release an innovative bullion coin for The Royal Canadian Mint in the form of the first-ever incused version of Silver Maple Leaf coin.

Most coins feature raised design and very few feature sunken or incuse images. The most famous coins with incuse designs are the $2.50 and $5 Indian gold coins struck between 1908 and 1929 by the US Mint. Very few other mints have issued such coins after that. The process of issuing such coins is very challenging which is why they are rare and desirable among collectors.

The new coin is going to feature a double-sided incuse strike on a bullion coin. The .9999 pure silver $5 coin will feature Walter Ott’s famous maple leaf design on the reverse and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. All the advanced security features will be included like radial lines on both sides; a laser-engraved watermark, and Bullion DNA anti-counterfeiting technology.

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